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Lisa Patten

Lisa is a Paediatric Cardiac Nurse Specialist (Lead)

Transition to adult services
Paediatric CNS Service development
CNS input in cardiac network development

Lisa has worked within the paediatric cardiology department for the past 14 years, (bar a few months spent in the research field), and has been a member of the Cardiac Nurse Specialist team since 2011. She currently fulfils the role of Lead CNS, a job which ensures that the CNS team is working to the best of its ability and is delivering on the national cardiac standards set out by NHS England. Prior to 2011 Lisa undertook cardiac ward nursing roles at both junior and senior level.

For a brief period between 2010-11 Lisa was part of a large national research project sponsored by NIHR (National Institute for Health Research,) and hosted by the University of Bristol. She was responsible for setting up all the nursing elements of data collection process which was then rolled out to other participating centres across the UK. This research paper has now been published.